Milfos is an international company based in New Zealand. As a company they design a variety of milking equipment that will make the farmers milking process faster and easier. They also manufacture milking machines for sheep and goats, they have a range of milking parlours like the iexpress and the rotary.


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Herringbone Parlours

In the UK the most common type of parlour that Milfos provide and sell are Herringbone parlours. These parlours are when the cows stand either side of the farmer whilst the farmer is in the pit, this means that the farmer is able to put the milking equipment on the cow safely and easily.


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Rotary Parlours

Milfos also supply and sell rotary parlours, these are used for larger herds, milking more cows at one time. These parlours are when the cows enter the parlour and it slowly turns around, the farmer stands on the outside and puts the milking equipment on the cow quickly.


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