Mission statement: To sustain a positive impact on lives, from our employees to our customers, suppliers and all other partners. 


We achieve this through investing in people and products and by combining our company core competences and resources with leading strategic partners. The company is committed to continuous growth and to maintaining a truly customer focused team culture.


DER Ltd are Refcom and ECA registered members.


What can we provide?

Cold Stores

As a company we work with Polysec to provide you with any sized walk in coldstores or freezers.




Milfos is an international company based in New Zealand. They supply us as a company with both Herringbone and Rotary parlours of variable sizes.



We can supply you with a range of chemicals from our suppliers:

Kilco and Dairy Spares.





As a company we have a range of suppliers who can provide us with milking equipment and refrigeration equipment.



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